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Dear Valued Customer, please find below our Tombstone ordering process for your ease of reference.

  1. Please note we cannot process any orders until full payment has been received by you.
  2. Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks manufacturing period once full payment has been made, before we can deliver and fit your tombstone/s. While we will endeavour to try fit as close to the requested fitting date as possible, this date may already be booked but we will try to accommodate you as close to the requested date as possible.
  3. Please ensure that you have signed the word sheet form and have read the terms and conditions on it. Once the order form is signed by the customer, they will be liable for the cost of a replacement head ect. should they wish to change the wording due to a mistake on the word sheet.
  4. Please give at least two contact numbers for our fitting team.
  5. Please ensure that your grave site can be accessed by our fitting team. The truck that is delivering the tombstone/s can park no further than 10m from the grave site.  If further, please notify us before the fitting date as we will need to charge an additional fee for extra staff to help carry.
  6. Please ensure that you have all the required grave and tombstone permits/permissions in order for us to fit the tombstone, before the fitting date. Royal Tombstones does not handle in any way the grave or tombstone permits or permissions.
  7. Please note our fitting team has several fittings on any given day and as such cannot wait longer than 30 minutes for you to arrive or find the gravesite. If the truck returns back to the factory with the tombstone/s, you will need to pay another delivery and fitting fee.
  8. Please ensure the delivery address is correctly stated. Please state the exact area of fitting (and if the tombstone is to be fitted at a cemetery or private residence).  Please do not state only the closest town.  There will be a surcharge of R 10 for every km extra travelled beyond the stated delivery address and which must be paid to the fitting team before fitting can commence.
  9. Please note we do not cover and will not be held liable for any settling of soil on or around the gravesite.
  10. Please ensure the grave site is clear of all sand, stone, rocks, grass ect before our fitting team arrives. If no preparation has been done, you will be charged an extra R 600 per gravesite clearing which must be paid to the fitting team before fitting can commence.